Welcome to The WAPSI rehabilitation center WAPSI (WORRIERS ASSOCIATION FOR INCESSANT PUBLIC SUPPORT) rehabilitation center, a Department of Zohra General Hospital was established in 2013 by Asif Farooq. WAPSI is a refurbished 25-bed rehabilitation and mental health hospital which offers both inpatient and day program services. Our facility has generous sized rooms with modern therapy areas and equipment.
   Our rehabilitation unit and mental health unit contributes to the provision of a multidisciplinary service catering for the various stages of patient care from inpatient to day programs. These specialized private services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual with a particular emphasis on continuity of care. They draw upon best practice research approaches derived from established evidence based programs that demonstrate both clinical efficacy and satisfaction amongst its participants


WAPSI Rehabilitation Center, Zohra General Hospital, Iftikhar Janjua Road, Opp PC Hotel, Saddar Rawalpindiphone: +92-337-6000666 info@wapsi.com.pk